There is probably not a lot of people that don't like chicken or have not purchased any within the past decade, so if you have, then you may be eligible for part of a very big settlement. I bet you won't have to think back very far, but if you bought chicken from 2009 up until 2020, then you might want to take part in a class action settlement worth $181 million.

So What Happen?

According to, Fieldale Farms Corporation, George's, Mar-Jac Poultry, Peco Foods, Pilgrims Pride, and Tyson Foods allegedly conspired to stabilize the price and supply of chicken, which is a violation of state and federal antitrust laws. There will be a hearing on December 20, 2021, in which the settlement will need final approval before the money is paid.

Who's Eligible For The Money?

There are many states involved including New York State, so if you purchased chicken in that time frame you're probably eligible. The amount of money per person is still unclear at this point, but these companies are being hit with some pretty hefty fines. For example, Tyson will pay out $99,000,000, Pilgrim's will pay $75,500,000 and George's will pay $1,900,000.

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If you would like to file a claim you can go to, you must file your claim by December 31, 2022. It's crazy to think sometimes how large companies can really control how much food costs, and as outside consumers, we would never know the real cost of what foods should actually cost before they hit our favorite grocery stores.

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