It’s been over a year since Big Sean released his debut album ‘Finally Famous,’ but it looks like he’s finally going to release some new music of his own. The G.O.O.D. Music artist posted a teaser video for his upcoming mixtape titled ‘Detroit,’ which is named after his native hometown.

The black-and-white clip is slithering with snakes — yes, snakes! — as Big Sean looks into the camera with his sleepy eyes. As for what the snakes represent, we don’t have a clue. According to reports, the mixtape will boast guest appearances from J. Cole and Oscar-winning rapper Juicy J. “I wanted to give u guys this mixtape I have on deck,” he wrote to his fans via Twitter on Monday (Aug. 20). “I feel now is the perfect time for it, I wanted to make sure my album was pretty much done before I gave u a mixtape. Its a completely different set of songs from my album [and] from the G.O.O.D. compilation.”

As for Sean’s still-untitled second album, the ‘At Last’ rapper hopes to have it out by year’s end. “We been working hard, everyday for the past 8 months,” he tweeted. “And I can honestly say that me, my label, my team are more than excited how my new album sounds. It’s everything I want it to be [and] more.”

“A true representation of what I stand for, what I believe in, how I live, great story-telling [and] great production. I took my time with it and it made all the difference,” he continues. “It will be coming out before the end of year and I can’t f—in wait. We’ll be dropping the 1st track from the album very soon.”

We are glad to hear that Big Sean is ready to bring us some dope music, just make sure there are no snakes involved. Yikes! The ‘Detroit’ mixtape is set to hit the Internet on Sept. 5.

Watch Big Sean’s ‘Detroit’ Mixtape Announcement Video

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