According to the Los Angles Times The Big Baller Brand ( Owned By Lavar Ball) Is being sued over missed payments to the apparel company responsible for printing and embroidering almost 2,500 pieces of its merchandise.

The apparel company, Closet Collection, says that it's owed almost $25,000 for the gear it provided to Big Baller Brand last May, according to the Times.

A representative from Closet Collection told the Times, "basically, their entire website was produced by us," and that Big Baller Brand continuously pushed back the payment date after saying it would pay for the merchandise.

"When it came time to make payment, they kind of bailed," the Closet Collection representative told the Times. "We tried for about three months. They said they would make payment about seven times."

Also The Better Business Bureau have also give The Big Baller Brand a 1 Out of 5 rating due to customer complaints saying the company did a poor job communicating when asked about when orders would arrive and it also sent some customers the wrong sizes or merchandise.


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