We all know Beyonce has a rather, shall we say, contentious relationship with photographers.

Her publicist famously asked news outlets and photo agencys to remove all unflattering photos of Queen B, so it should come as no surprise to us that Bey has banned any professional photographers from snapping photos at The Mrs. Carter Show tour.

So will fans have no photographic evidence that this concert every existed? No, not at all. According to FStoppers, Bey and her team will hire an in-house photographer for each concert stop and release "3-5 pre-approved images." Well the good news is, it seems her team is releasing more like six to 10 pictures of her concerts on this tour so far. Oh goody!

We honestly have no idea why Beyonce is so protective of her image, and for two reasons. First, she's gorgeous. No need to get your panties in a bunch over a couple snaps when all you're doing is twerkin' it out real hard for the BeyHive. Second, unless she confiscates every concertgoer's phone then she's going to have thousands of pictures taken (illegally!) during her shows anyway. It's a lose-lose sitch in our eyes, so she might as well just let the professionals do their thang!

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