You would think the stats would scare anyone:  According to The United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC), there are 120 deaths due to Drug Overdose DAILY.  I'm baffled as to how anyone could realize this and tamper with what's being touted as literally a death sentence drug...if you're STUPID enough to try it.  Why do it?  Is this a what to commit suicide ... is that why people tamper with death in this they have a Death Wish?

Well, there's a New Drug called 'KD' which doesn't necessarily cause immediate death, but it does come with some debilitating reactions, thus being referred to as THE ZOMBIE DRUG.  There are reportedly 70 variations of 'KD'.


This experimental Drug Usage, in the face of possible death, can only be a product of the user having some level of Mental Illness.  Even if there's an underlying Death Wish, that within itself seems an indication that there are some Mental Issues.

Maybe there should be a strict and aggressive effort that defines Drug Abuse as being completely different than Drug Abuse.  Persons who simply use Drugs, be it cigarettes, weed, or alcohol, would be deemed USERS, for the most part, whereas Drug Abusers are identified as those who choose to play Russian Roulette with drugs that are KNOWN to cause Immediate death.

If you're someone dealing with Drug Addiction or thinking about 'trying' any of the more Lethal Drugs, please heed my advice and reach out to a local entity that deals with WHY you you're thinking the way you're thinking.  If you're in the Buffalo area, here's a number you can call below:



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