Listen if your going to smoke weed at least indulge in the good stuff, am I right? So here is a couple of the favorite I "Heard" was the best when your looking into getting right for the day or night

Kicking off Hailing from, Alaska, this sativa has hints of pine and lemon
(5)Alaskan Thunderfuck

Next up
(4) Banana Kush
This Kush can have a THC content up to 20%. Banana Kush is calming, soothing, and beloved by PTSD patients and has a sweet taste

Coming in at number
(3)Blue Dream
Blue Dream can do no wrong. It looks sweet and tastes even sweeter. If you’re a light user of the ganja, Blue Dream is a great strain to smoke on lightly. This hybrid invites a calming and sometimes thoughtful high. It's a perfect match for all levels.

Down To
(2)Girl Scout Cookies
I love Girl Scout cookies... Cmon y'all im talking about the seasonal ones from actual Girl Scouts lol
But This hybrid strain is incredibly potent and carries sweet, grapey flavors it will aid your appetite, and provide very effective pain relief.

And Last But Not Lease Number
(1)Granddaddy Purple

Thats right your grandad smoke this that's why he's always sleep in the chair Because of the Granddaddy Purp!
It has flecks of purple throughout the buds and has some grape taste to it as well. This is a definite couch-lock strain. Good luck keeping your eyes open with this one

TOP 5 for ya! -@DjWire1

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