Trout fishing season is about to begin in the Western New York area and even though there is snow in the forecast, there are plenty of fish in the creeks!

It has become a tradition for so many people to get out for at least a cast or two on opening day, April 1st. This Thursday likely will be more of the same for thousands of anglers. The COVID pandemic has seen a surge in the amount of people returning to outdoor activities, like fishing.

But after you get your license and gear, where do you go for the best chances at hooking a fish? The New York State DEC has released it's annual report of where they have stocked and the amount of fish that have been stocked in every county in the state!

Erie County has thousands of fish just waiting to get caught and there seems to be plenty of fish that are decent size!

I have been fishing for years and one of my favorite days has been the trout season opener. The weather has always been up and down for April 1st. But one year I recall that the temperatures were so cold that the water was freezing to my fishing line and pole as fast as I could reel it in! I also recall a year with perfect weather and I was so excited to fish that I parked my truck on a bridge and got a traffic ticket!

Good luck fishing this week and remember to pack your winter gear. It is going to feel like ice fishing in some areas!

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