Prison reform in New York prisons has been an issue for a long time, Just recently, prison reform advocates gathered outside of Governor Andrew Cuomo's Manhattan offices and the executive mansion in Albany. They are looking for a more humane alternative to long-term solitary confinement, it is called the (HALT) act, which is a bill they would like the Governor to sign into law.

Holding prisoners in solitary confinement for long periods of time is considered torture, but it is not uncommon for a prisoner to be held in extreme isolation for weeks, months, and even years in New York prisons. The act has already been passed by the Senate Democratic Majority sponsored by Senator Julia Salazar, which is legislation that limits the amount of time an incarcerated person can be held in segregated confinement to 15 days, and it also implements alternative rehabilitative measures.

The Nelson Mandela Rules, adopted by the United Nations, defined segregated confinement for more than 15 days as torture. This new bill (HALT) will bring New York into compliance with this international standard.

This legislation is another step in the Senate Democratic Majority's commitment to reforming New York's justice system. I applaud the sponsor, Senator Salazar, and all of the advocates who helped make this happen.

said, Majority Leader, Senator Andrea Steward-cousins, according to

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Jerome Wright is a Statewide Organizer for the #HALT solitary campaign and a survivor of more than seven years of solitary confinement. Now that the bill is passed, things are one step closer to getting families of incarcerated people the humane alternatives they should have.

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