New York is known for amazing foods and of course, Western New York, aka Buffalo is known for one type of Food...The Chicken Wing

If you ask 100 people from Buffalo where the best place for wings is you would get 100 different answers. Places like Bar Bill, Elmos, O'Neils Stadium Inn, and so on and on and on.

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But what about the mother of all Chicken wing places? Anchor Bar? Well, it looks like the Anchor Bar, the home of the original wing is still the best place to grab a chicken wing in the entire state of New York.

According to the latest survey done by, they went out and found the best chicken wing place in all 50 states. Here in New York, it was the Anchor Bar.

The National Chicken Council credits Anchor Bar in Buffalo, New York for creating the almighty buffalo chicken wing. Anchor Bar has multiple locations today, including Buffalo and the Buffalo airport, where you can eat wings drenched in the original Buffalo sauce. It's a must-visit for any chicken wing lover.


Lots of locals in Western New York might disagree with that statement and sure if you go when the place is packed with tourists and visitors the experience might be as great as your local corner wing place, but you have to admit, when you get a good basket of wings from Anchor Bar, they are hard to beat.

So give credit where credit is due, the home of the Wing, Anchor Bar is still a great place to get some wings, as long as you use blue cheese and for an added bonus go all drums.

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