The battle is heating up over the bust of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. in MLK Park! Do you think it should be replaced with a version that looks more like him? Activist Sam Herbert turned over a petition signed by 14,112 residents to demand that the current statue be removed and replaced with one that bears more resemblance. On Tuesday, the Buffalo Common Council's Community Development Committee received the petition, which was filed, ending the discussion, according to WGRZ.

Credit: WGRZ

The group who installed the bust in the '80s said it wasn't supposed to look like Dr. King. Herbert says he has lawyers ready to fight a legal battle on the grounds of "fraudulent solicitation of dollars to build a statute of Rev. Martin King," according to WGRZ.

"I think it needs to stay there just the way it is and what we need to do, should do, if we are going to do something is to erect a statute in another place in the park that looks like our beloved civil rights hero."

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