June is National Safety Month and Rich Barnes (The Barnes Firm) agrees that summertime in Buffalo is busy when it comes to outdoor activities.  The city and surrounding areas offer so many fun and enjoyable things to do – there is a lot of fun to be had in the upcoming summer months, and safely!

While we get busy making plans for the summer, Rich reminds us we should also get busy making safety a priority, too. More teen drivers will be on the road, kids will be riding bikes in neighborhoods and on streets, people will be enjoying water activities in pools or lakes, and families will be enjoying parks and playgrounds. Talking with your kids about what to do in an emergency and how to avoid accidents and injuries is very important.

BBQs are always a must in the summer months! If you are hosting, check propane tanks for leaks, take extra precautions when starting charcoal fires, and keep all contained or open fires a safe distance away from structures. And, don’t forget to have access to a water source if a fire occurs.

Last but not least, be extra safe around water. Whether it's the backyard pool, a beach, or being on a boat, people should be extra cautious. Unsupervised children and water could spell disaster, so make sure adults are present to avoid tragic accidents from occurring.

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