Every year we anxiously await for summer weather to arrive in Western New York - it’s a time we all look forward to for fun and enjoyment. We get so caught up in having fun that we sometimes forget we also need to be safe, and since June is National Safety Month, I had Rich Barnes (The Barnes Firm) on my show recently to share a few ideas on how we can all stay safe this summer.

Rich thought a good place to start would be addressing safety around the home. Are there any repairs to stairs or railings on a porch or patio that someone could be hurt or injured when in use?  Is there a first-aid kit in the bathroom or kitchen, or car for that matter, that has been checked for items that have expired, and replaced if needed? What about proper fire extinguishers for unexpected electrical fires or grease fires, inside the home or when grilling outside? And sometimes we may overlook this one, but if there are family members that are prone to slips and falls you may want to consider a medical alert device if you cannot always be around to assist them.

Should you find yourself in an emergency situation, Rich reminds us that it's important to stay calm and not panic so you can help yourself or someone else get to safety. Think straight, keep your head clear, and do whatever you can to get yourself, or someone else, out of any immediate danger.

You should also contact emergency services as soon as possible so that they can further assess the situation.

And, if you’ve been injured and need help, call The Barnes Firm at (800) 800-0000.

You can also fill out a contact request form at TheBarnesFirm.com for a free case evaluation. Or call their Downtown Buffalo or Grider Street office now – it could be the best call you make!

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