Unruly activity in a local bar in Buffalo's Block Rock neighborhood resulted in a man being asked to leave by workers, it seems that man wasn't happy about that and allegedly returned ready to cause more trouble.

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A man from Buffalo is in pretty serious trouble with local law enforcement after it's been alleged that he threatened workers at a local bar on Amherst Street with a shotgun after being tossed out of the place.

According to a report by the Buffalo News, 28-year-old Davondre Copeland was arrested by officers from the Buffalo Police Department and changed with a number of crimes, including criminal possession of a weapon, criminal mischief, menacing, and resisting arrest when officers tried to take him into custody.

Investigators have said that Copeland was kicked out of the bar and broke several windows before he told bar workers he would return to do more damage. Workers were able to flag down some officers on patrol in the neighborhood and told them about the incident when Copeland returned with a loaded shotgun. Copeland ran from officers when he saw them and officers chased after him. When the Buffalo Police caught up with him, they got into a fight and two officers were injured.

The two officers who were injured were taken to the Erie County Medical Center for treatment and Copeland, who had a previous felony conviction and should not have any weapons, was taken into custody.

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