I might have to change my career for 20 dollars an hour sign me up Bank of America is setting the bar high for 2020!

You know you are in the right place of work when the company you work for

"are committed to delivering sustainable, responsible growth by being a great place to work,”

Now at first the company was suppose to start the increase 2 years from now. Bank of America also raised its minimum salary earlier this year to $17 per hour from $15 per hour.

Man let me redo my contract because on top of the of the 20 dollar minimum wage rate, Bank of America also gave employees two "special compensation awards," including bonuses and stock, "benefiting approximately 95 percent of our employees, CEO Brian Moynihan Said on Wednesday's hearing in front of the House Financial Services Committee.

The 15/hr didn't sound bad for me but the 20/hr?! "Hello this is Dj Wire how can I turn you 100 to 1000"


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