I know it's June, so we're still over five months away from the start of the holiday season. However, there is something to consider if you planned on getting back out there to start your holiday shopping in 2021.

The holidays are all about tradition for people. That tradition could be enjoying Thanksgiving dinner and relaxing with family and friends, or it could mean going out to shop for those deals on the Thanksgiving holiday. If you fall in the latter, it won't be a normal Thanksgiving.

According to WGRZ, Best Buy has officially joined retail giants Target and Walmart in closing for Thanksgiving this year.

The companies are letting their workers enjoy the holiday with their family, especially after a very difficult first half of the year in 2021 -- on top of the difficult year in 2020.

The Thanksgiving Day sales also cut into the Black Friday sales numbers and will help Black Friday regain its stigma as the biggest shopping day of the year.

All three stores will still have their Black Friday online sales.

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I think this is great and hopefully, more stores follow, just like last year. Target and Walmart are the two biggest retail stores and starting the trend this far out indicates we will probably see an old-fashioned Thanksgiving as we did in 2020 when most stores are closed and people will be with family.

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