Now that more people are out and about and the weather is now officially nice traveling to get-togethers will be happening more now than ever (at least more than last year). That means higher prices on a few items like gas. But a few other items such as chicken wings, sausages, and bacon have meat-eaters considering going vegan.

According to WKBW recent security breaches at meatpacking plants, delayed production in general, and the fact that companies cannot find laborers are all contributing factors.

Free Beer and Hot Wings


Good thing we here at WBUf is giving you an opportunity to win $1,000 just for taking a picture of a FREE  BEER AND HOT WINGS poster, billboard, or bus sign. Snap a pic and send it to us thru the WBUF APP

Now. I don't know about you but I feel like I shouldn't have to choose between a pack of bacon or a 12 pack of beer...unless do they make bacon flavored beer? The answer is yes. Problem solved. Now about the sausage.


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