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Ramos & Ramos
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37 Franklin Street in Buffalo

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They cover personal injury, workers compensation, worksite accident, automobile accident, divorce & family law, real estate law.

Personal Injury
At Ramos & Ramos our personal injury lawyers represent individuals who have been injured through no fault of their own. We do so by working to protect any individual’s rights to compensation due to physical, emotional or psychological pain and suffering caused by an accident. In an instance you could lose your health, happiness, or even a family member and be left with medical bills, loss of income and distress. When the injury is the result of someone else’s negligence or wrong doing, you have every right to seek representation from a personal injury lawyer and pursue damages to protect you and your family. Our attorneys devote extraordinary time, attention and resources to fully prepare each case. We will thoroughly evaluate each case while keeping our clients best interest at hand. The attorneys will provide personal attention and aggressive, efficient advocacy for each client. Our team will investigate each case to understand how to prove the full extent of injuries and find all possible sources of recovery available to compensate for our client’s pain and suffering.

Damages that you may be compensated for if you have been injured and suffered losses due to negligent behavior or wrongful actions of others include:
· Compensation of loss wages
· Reimbursement of medical expenses
· Payments for pain and suffering
· Awards to cover cost of future care

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