We all know that our kids have a lot of time on their hands during this pandemic we are all facing. I have three teenagers, and they are very good in school and get really good grades. As parents, I feel like we know our kids are generally good students and great kids.

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When it comes to how we allow our young kids and teenagers to spend their free time, face it most of us, especially me, are just plan soft on them. According to CNN, there is a benefit to allowing more time to play video games during this pandemic.

Some games are collaborative video games According to CNN, a research psychologist Rachel Kowert said.

Inspite the stereotype of the socially awkward pale gamer,  some games are a good way to socially connect.

I was concerned that my daughter was spending too much time on Minecraft, a game that she plays in creative-mode online with her friends. In my opinion, if the games are helping them keep their sanity and also doing some good, it's not a bad idea to let them spend more time than normal on video games.

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