Are you offended by Adidas' introduction, design, production, marketing and selling of the new JS Roundhouse Mids (better known as the "Shackle Shoe")... or is it just "fashion" and not that serious? 

I heard someone on The Tom Joyner Morning Show make reference to the founders of Adidas as being two German gentlemen who were Nazis! If we stop right there with that info, it makes you wonder if we should support Adidas at all, based on the Nazi mentality being such that they did not like Black people probably as much as they disliked people of Jewish decent.

Well, consider this: The same two gentlemen, Adolf "Adi" Dassler & Rudolph "Rudi" Dassler, the founders of Adidas, are the same guys who, once they made their first sports shoe in 1936, traveled all the way to the 1936 Summer Olympics and asked JESSE OWENS to wear their shoes. Owens went on to win four gold medals!  Based on this information, Adidas became the first company to Sponsor an African-American athlete. Things that make you go...HMMMMMM!

By the way (and ironically)...last week we identified a "portmanteau" as being a word formed by the shortening of two separate words and combining them (i.e., the words June & Nineteeth, which is today). Adidas is also a portmanteau, combining "Adi" (short for Adolf) and "Das" (short for Dassler).

In any case, here's the video about the company's new "Shackle Shoe." Take the poll after viewing the information and let me know whether you're offended by the design of the new shoe or not.