If you have ever been on a train it is a timely trip, I went to New York city on a train once, 9 hours on that train from Buffalo to new York, never again, but now I will reconsider since talks of modernization is in the work.

Amtrak is gearing up to introduce new high-speed Acela trains as it plans to spend billions of dollars in upgrades on the busiest U.S. rail corridor. Amtrak trains are often delayed because of freight traffic, and aging infrastructure requires slower speeds in many places.

Many upgrades are aimed at letting trains travel at higher speeds and reducing delays, as well as replacing and resurfacing track and replacing switch panels. The railroad is also upgrading many northeast train stations.

By 2021, passengers in New York City will board trains from Moynihan Station in a new sunlit atrium concourse across the street from Penn Station as Amtrak moves into a larger space with a new customer lounge.

Amtrak is planning to start using new Acela trains starting in 2021. The railroad is buying 28 Acela train sets, eight more than it currently operates, using a $2.45 billion federal loan. It is also planning to buy a new fleet of trains for its slower Northeast Regional service in the middle of the next decade.

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