As we enter Awards season, everyone is talking about the Quentin Tarantino's D'Jango Unchained! More about the film later, but first let's talk about the slavery inspired action figures being sold online and the cast's "All Gold Everything" Jam session video!
loading... is selling D'Jango Unchained 8' dolls in the likeness of the slaves, masters and other characters played by Jamie Foxx, Kerry Washington, Samuel L. Jackson, Leonardo DiCaprio, James Remar and  Christoph Waltz.

I understand taking advantage of the film's popularity to make an extra profit, but really??In 2013 who wants to play slave & master?? Even though the former slave finally gets revenge in the film, I know I won't be buying this for my child!


Now onto more happy news. My girl Kerry Washington gets down to Jamie's remix of "All Gold Everything"


Whether you're a critic or an avid fan of the film, there is no denying the actors did an acceptable job and deserve the 5 Golden Globe nominations D'Jango Unchained earned as well as an Oscar! Check out this interview with the Director and lead actors who talk candidly about the excessive use of the N-word and violence.

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