The Albany County Sheriff's Office released information on Wednesday about a dog they say was found in Berne and left for dead.  According to the authorities, the dog was left in a ditch to die after it had apparently been shot multiple times, including one to the head.

It's as heartbreaking as it it infuriating and we're all hoping that whoever did this is prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.  But it still begs the question: What kind of person would do this to an innocent animal?   Anyone with information is asked to call the Albany County Sheriff's Department at (518) 765-2351.

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According to Albany County Sheriff Craig Apple the found dog had to be euthanized after it was discovered in grave condition in Berne on Wednesday.  This is what the Sheriff wrote on his Facebook page:

"This poor fella was found moribund in a ditch on Peasley Rd in Berne. He was shot 2x and dumped. He was euthanized late yesterday due to the emaciated state he was in when found. Anyone with info please contact 518-765-2351. Please help us find who did this"  -Craig Apple Facebook

According to News Channel 13, it was originally reported that the dog had been taken to a local animal shelter in hopes of a miraculous recovery.  Later on it was determined that the injuries to the dog were too severe and the dog was euthanized.

Let's hope someone out there has information about the person responsible.

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