A viral video posted on Twitter recently shows the driver of a black pickup truck "rolling coal" and swerving all over the road creating a volatile and dangerous driving sitiuation for the vehicle behind it.   In the :14 second video clip, the driver of the truck appears to be blocking the car behind it, swerving all over parts of I-90 West in Albany County, emitting large clouds of deisel fumes known as "rolling coal."

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Multiple residents in the Albany area commented on the video after it was shared on the Reddit/Albany page alledging that they too have had experiences with this particular vehicle, and that he seems to be targeting mainly electric cars.

The Twitter video, posted by @somi_teslagirl, alledges that the car caught behind the black truck was an electric car, a Tesla, and that the driver was a young woman with a child in tow.

People commented on the Reddit/Albany thread wrote about some of their alledged first-hand encounters with the truck.  Some claimed that the driver made them uncomfortable as well.

Mike_Woo_Sculptor wrote,  "I think I saw the truck on Monday the 5th on hoosick. I remember the truck kept catching my eye on the rear view mirror and kept making me nervous. It also drove really close to me when passing." 

While another user, 518Chris posted, "I’ve seen this rolling clown circus on the morning commute several times. It’s pretty hard to miss. The guy always drives like he has to take a huge s**t."

New York law prohibits rolling coal and according to the NYS DEC, "the fines for the air quality violations are $700, or $150 if the truck is repaired within 30 days. Repeat offenders are required to pay a $1,300 fine if the vehicle is not repaired within 30 days."

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