Okay this one is for the books! I just started using Airbnb with friends if you don't know Airbnb are basically someone else's house or home that they are renting out for 1,2,3 etc days you are staying in that city or area. its cheaper than a hotel and more efficient honestly but only in New York City you will catch this type of finesse,

Boston resident Rachel Valerio spent $90 a night on what she thought was a highly rated on Airbnb in Chelsea. but really turned out to be the projects lol

Valerio said she saw the letters N-Y-C-H-A in the lobby and her being from Boston didn't know what it meant, after a quick good search she was surprise on it to be maligned public housing agency. FYI you can't rent out public housing especially one that smelt like gas and had a roach trap next to the bed, Rachel told reporters that lol.


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