Are you ready for the rumor rollout?!?!? Well here it is!


Is Jay-Z and Beyonce having another baby? Well the internet has been going crazy claiming that Jay-Z and Beyonce may be expecting another baby to add to the Carter collection.  But of course Daddy Jay-Z had something to say bout these rumors.

According to E News, when the reporter asked if the Carter’s were expecting this is how the conversation went


"Are you having another baby?"  E News Reporter


“Tonight?" …….."No." Jay- Z


"What about in nine months?"  E News Reporter


"Not in nine months”…."Absolutely not." Jay-Z

Well to find out the true detail to this rumor check out the interview here


Still rolling out the rumors I’m hearing that there will be some new editions to Love and Hip-Hop Atlanta …… According to the good folks at  it come at no surprise that Soulja Boy and his girl friend rapper Diamond will start taping for the up coming season.


I wonder how this will work out seeing that Diamond and Scrappy once dated, and dated for a long time and how scrappy dumped Erica to date Diamond and then Diamond dumped Scrappy to date Soulja Boy….. What a circle!


But now that Erica and Scrappy are engaged I hope no more dumping and leaving will occur but I do wonder how this will all work out and if Scrappy will be putting anymore “paws” on folks…lol I guess we will have to watch and see!



So word on the street is that although Lil Wayne announced that his next album the sequel to  2010’s I Am Not a Human Being,  was going to drop November 13th will not happen on that date. According to the the album has been pushed back to the release date of December 11th.  Well we all know these things happen but I really hope its really as good as the singles we have heard so far.


Its funny how rumors can fly but we all know only time will tell. Rumor has it that the XXL Magazine is going out of business! Well according to these rumors are false… But like the cover of the new XXL magazine people claimed the rumor of Wiz and Amber Rose expecting a baby was false, but again with a big belly fully preggo time will tell the truth for this rumor to surface too!


Well to wrap up the rumors I hear that we will be seeing a lot of Nicki Minaj. Not only will she be on American Idol as a judge but also she is opening her home up to a reality show! According to Nicki’s rumored new reality show will air on E! in early 2013. Im sure all her Barbs cant wait!


Here is a sample of the raw you may just get…by the way I love what she is saying in this!


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