Weekly I would get mail from my listeners in jail giving me the breakdown about my show, giving their input about my topics and why my motivation minutes kept them going. I often give my show over to listeners to send messages to their loved ones who are "Locked Up but not locked down". I've seen the most spike in calling during this period other than alls to win tickets. Most recently I was invited to Attica correctional facility as a guest for their first-ever TEDx Talk.

When I think about this population I think about how often they are forgotten, how this population is seen from a different lens that does not change even after they are released, it's a stigma that follows them. Like many in America, my family has been affected by the prison system and I have had my family members and even my own father has face time in jail.

I've found myself having empathy and a desire to understand that everyone has a story as to why they are in jail and how they even have landed there. With that understanding, I had the chance to sit and speak with Cindi McEachon, Executive Director of PeacePrints WNY about that forgotten population.


Peaceprints of WNY embodies the collaborative strength of over 40 years of dedicated work by two leading WNY nonprofit prison ministries – Hope of Buffalo, Inc., incorporated in 1985 by the late Sr. Karen Klimczak; and Cephas Attica, Inc., incorporated in 1977.

PeacePrints focuses on transitional, supportive and independent housing options, in prison and community-based support groups, advocacy efforts, a community food pantry,  youth programming in conjunction with Buffalo Public Schools and most recently an innovative and collaborative, associate of arts program, in partnership with Houghton College. This associates program is specifically designed for individuals with criminal convictions, offering small class sizes, individualized tutoring as well as comprehensive case management. This, and all of their programs empower clients with the tools necessary to gain knowledge, make informed decisions and break the cycle of incarceration.

Listen as Cindi and I discuss PeacePrints WNY and what they are doing this year with the Annual Christmas Prison Package Project.

Join PeacePrints for the Annual Prison Package Project Packing.

December 6th,

Morning Session: 10AM-1PM

Evening Session: 6PM-9PM

Location: Blessed Trinity Catholic Church 317 Leroy Ave, Buffalo, NY

For more details visit www.PeacePrintsWNY.org


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