Being in graduate school is great but one down fall is that it has been difficult for me to read for leisure due to the many chapters I have to read in one week!  I’m really looking forward to walking across that stage next year so I can get into my library collection! And of course follow my dreams…..But back to the library collection.

One book that is a new addition to my collection is THE TANNING OF AMERICA By Steve Stoute.
In THE TANNING OF AMERICA: How the Culture of Hip-Hop Rewrote the Rules of the New Economy (Gotham Books; On-Sale 9-8-11),

Stoute draws from his diverse background in the music industry and brand marketing to chronicle how an upstart art form – street poetry set to beats – came to define urban culture as the embodiment of cool. Steve Stoute’s understanding of how hip-hop morphed into mainstream culture enabled him to relate to a new generation of thinking, which catapulted him to the forefront of pop culture – where he still remains today. [wikipedia]

Only having the chance to read a few chapters, this book has already opened my eyes to view Hip-Hop, advertising and the marketing culture in a new way.

So go out and get this book! It’s a must read!

For more information about The Tanning and Steve Stoute please visit:

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