it will kind of be a little like Jurassic Park, just without ya know, real living dinosaurs.

There is just something about dinosaurs, Kids and adults alike love to learn about them and see artifacts f them up close and personal. So it is kind of surprising that the general fascination with the extinct creatures has not led to more dinosaur theme parks like the one being proposed for the Hudson Valley Area.

According to a Times-Herald Record story, a real estate investor from New Jersey is n the "early" phase of working with designers and engineers on a proposed dinosaur theme park to be built in the town of Wallkill, New York. Neil Gold told the Herald he was inspired to come up with the "educational venue" after visiting a similar type of park with his grandson.

Kind of like Jurassic Park without real dinosaurs, the Herald report says "Displays of animatronic dinosaurs would tell the stories in vignettes of the beings that once roamed the earth." The park would feature a train ride through the dinosaur attractions, plus there would be many other interactive exhibits for kids.

My kids are already super-fired up about the Legoland theme park opening this summer. While this one could still be far away from opening if plans even get approved, if you add a dinosaur park to the mix, the Hudson Valley will be the new hot spot destination for families in the state of New York. But, if the little old bearded man from Jurassic Park with the accent and cane should somehow come into the mix on this one, I am running in the other direction. I would hand around though for Jeff Goldblum narrating the train ride around the park!

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