There's a New Artist who isn't really new but he is to what he'd refer to as "The Secular Audience".... and opposed to those who know Christian Music.... especially Christian Rap.

There are loads and loads of Christian Music Artists but the very people who claim Christianity do not support their own "Culture" (so to speak) as do people in the "Secular Culture"... in terms of Record / Music Sales.  So artists such as LECRAE always struggle to find that TIGHT BEAT that may have that "secular flare" STRONG ENOUGH to keep the listener engaged without having to say the N-Word, Cuss, or Degrade Women, etc....  No One has seemed to find it... UNTIL NOW!!!!

With this song "All I Need Is You"... LECRAE may have just found a way into the ears of many more young listeners than EVER before regarding a Christian Rap Artists.  You'd never know the song has anything to do with Christianity or a Christian Rapper but the message in the song is refreshing in that ...per the video... is a song about a young Man tying the knot and getting married to someone special in his life and making her his Wife.

Seeing as this is pretty much 2015, this song may very well change a Tradition regarding Wedding Receptions where the Bride and Groom Dance.... but always to a Love Song.  Well young people HARDLY EVER (and it may even be safe to say NEVER) dance TOGETHER to slow songs anymore... so this song may serve as an alternative song to play for what would be considered ... "THE 1ST DANCE"!