I'm of the opinion that the way fighting is handled in the game of Hockey is absolutely ridiculous.  Once a fight begins, the Referee will inevitably allow the fight to go on for a bit and then each player is penalized for a short period of time before being allowed to get back in the game.  Why is fighting allowed, as a part of the game, exclusive to Hockey?  It would seem that the game of Football would be the sport where a fight seems likely...but Hockey?

I went to Wikipedia to discover how fighting became a basic part of the Hockey game and to my amazement found a bit more information that expected.  I never knew that each hockey team has self appointed and purposeful "GOONS" whose role it is to start fights... that is their specific job...START A FIGHTING!!!!  Unreal!!!!  According to Wikipedia there a mindset in hockey among Players, Coaches, Referees,  & Fans such that there's somethng called "THE CODE" in hockey such that FIGHTING IS ACCEPTABLE AND EXPECTED...there's an unwritten Rule that fighting is a part of the game of Hockey.

Fighting is not tolerated in any other sport outside of Boxing...Do you think FIGHTING should be allowed in the game of Hockey to the extent that players are not ejected from the game for fighting...and it's encouraged?  What's sportsmanlike about fighting?  Do Hockey Fights promote violence among young people who watch the game?  Should the allowance of fighting in the game of Hockey be discontinued and banned, or is Hockey so boring that fighting enhances the game and draws crowds..which in turn means financial gain for the sport?  What Do You Think?


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