According to WGRZ, over 500 pounds of marijuana was found by Customs and Border Patrol officers. The value of the drugs is estimated to be worth around 2 million dollars.

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With marijuana legal in Canada, there have been several attempts of illegal border crossings with drugs. According to WGRZ, during a total of 16 border crossing since early last year, there have been 27,000 pounds of narcotics intercepted.

Aaron Bowker is the Customs and Border Protection's public affairs liaison at the Buffalo Field Office. According to WGRZ, Mr. Bowker said.

We have some larger seizuers in the Port of Champlain, like counterfeit Xanax, we also seen various other narcotics seized.... fentanyl, herion, and cocaine. But the larger amounts have been at the Port of Buffalo, and has been prodominantly loads of marijuana.

In early August, 530 pounds of marijuana was seized at the border, the drugs were found in two different shipment containers by a K9 officer, according to WGRZ.

Border patrol officers seem to be taking extra precautions when looking at shipment trucks, there is a supply and demand issue in the U.S, which is causing traffickers to take more risk to try to smuggle marijuana here.

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