Living in Buffalo, we think we know cereal. Heck, we walk around in t-shirts proclaiming our city smells like Cheerio's and he have the General Mills production schedule memorized. But what about the Jackson Sanatorium? How many know this little nugget of history?

It initially served as a rehab health center. The Jackson Sanatorium, which was named "Our Home on the Hillside" by Dr. James Caleb Jackson, was a place where patients came to rehab and relax and a huge part of what Dr. Jackson focused on was diet, which led to a rather tasty (and monumental) creation -- what is said to be the first breakfast cereal. Jackson's created the first dry, whole grain breakfast cereal, which he called granula.

The site later became a destination for public speakers to lecture from, including Frederick Douglass, Susan B. Anthony, Elizabeth Cady Stanton, and Horace Greeley.

The Jackson Sanatorium (rebuilt after a fire) remains in Dansville, NY.