The key word to this new venture is "Indoor". As we know its gets cold about the end of October and its hard to find and do activity's that you could do in the summer but that's about to change. It's about to go down in North Buffalo. The city just received some major funding for a new indoor athletic complex over at Shoshone Park. This complex will be hosting a gang of activity's such as softball, soccer, baseball, and lacrosse games. This according to a press release sent by New York State Senator Chris Jacobs office. He announced that the city had secured one million dollars of the four million needed.

Don Morris, the president of the Hertel North Park Youth Baseball, said that young athletes needs this to develop.

"Our kids don't get a chance to work on their craft every day of the year all year. If they are playing baseball, they get maybe three months. Now they'll get 12."

This thing should be complete by 2020, which is right around the corner. Let's go.

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