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The key to parking in downtown Buffalo is finding the cheap all-day meters that won't break the bank.  Here is a list of where you can find them.  I used to get a roll of quarters from the bank to make sure I was good to park, but now I use the Buffalo Roam app.  It's great in the sense that once you link a credit or debit card, you don't have to worry about putting quarters in the meter. You can also add money to your meter without having to go back to your car.  Some of the cons are that you have to load $10 onto it at a time, even if you just need to pay 50 cents.  Also, for each parking session, it charges you 10 cents.  Not to sound cheap, but it bugs me because I'm already paying the City for parking.

Most of these all-day spots are around the radio station because that's where I usually park. There may be other spots in different parts of downtown, but there is no comprehensive list of the cost of metered spots.  That's something the City should definitely work on creating.

Ellicott Street has quite a few different all-ay parking spots.  They run from $2.00 a day to $4.00 a day, which is really good compared to the privately-owned ramps or the hourly parking, which is now 50 cents per 15 minutes or $2.00 per hour.  That's double what it used to be a couple of years ago.  If you know of any other all-day spots, tap that app and send me a message!

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