We are sure there is more we are sure... but 8 is a good starting number.

8 Things Only Buffalonians Understand

1.) The pain and agony of defeat in sports but still having  unconditional love for our sports teams.

Getty / Tom Szczerbowski

2.) Hockey. Enough said

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3.) Lake Effect Snow… buckets and buckets of it.

4.) You are just a little bit Polish now… deal with it.

5.) Who originated the "Original" Chicken Wing

(Photo by Jeff Fusco/Getty Images)

6.) No body messes with Buffalo… and we mean NO BODY!

7.) The Canadian Border

Buffalo Sabes - Toronto Maple Leafs - Getty Images

8.) Alcohol... again enough said

Anna Webber, Getty Images

We may possible cross-referenced our findings for this list with another web page... mainly this one. Ok... exclusively this one. We did all the heavy lifting on our own tho and added our own as well... so it is not all taken from something else just some of it.