Power 93.7 WBLK will be playing artists from Buffalo and WNY once per hour to celebrate 716 Day, July 16. The votes are in! Below are the artists and songs that made the top 8 and what hour we'll be playing them.

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We know it's not easy being an artist, so we want to provide some opportunities for you to shine. Power 93.7 WBLK is now accepting songs from Buffalo and WNY artists for airplay in our 716 Power Jam competition and or The 716 Show. Submit your song here. Every Friday, at 5:45 pm, we play the winning song as the 716 Power Jam. Of course, please make sure your song is clean and high quality. It also needs to be sent as a wave file or MP3. If you don't follow these directions, we won't be able to play your song.

1 PM - Jaszi - Turn It Down

Credit: Jaszi Music via Youtube

2 PM - Jus’ Aharon - f. James New Musik - Who U R!

Credit: Jus’ Aharon via Youtube

3 PM - K Luv Tha Virgo - Next 2 Me

Credit: K Luv Tha Virgo via Youtube

4 PM - A’Dre - Hoodie Time

Credit: Adre - Topic via Youtube


6 PM - Spillz f. Lindsay Barlett & Mark L33 - Rise

Credit: Spillz716 via Youtube

7 PM - Ghaf - Swing

Credit: GHAF MUSIC via Youtube

8 PM - Jay Fazo Music - Out the Basement

Credit: Jay Fazo Music via Youtube

9 PM - Mar x Lady Jomo - Never

Credit: Lady Jomo via Youtube

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