Maybe not all of you hate everything about these things... but some of you definitely do!

Ok... so all in all we LOVE Buffalo. There are some things that have grown to irk some of us here though. This is our best attempt at that list. So please calmly enjoy...

7 Things You’ve Grown To Hate About Buffalo, NY

1.) Niagara Falls

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Yes, we know it’s 20 mins away. Yes, we understand it’s beautiful, but when anybody comes to visit you it is the first place they want to go. There are only so many times you can go there without saying “seen it”

2.) No Fireworks (Well… real fireworks at least)

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If they would just make real fireworks legal we wouldn’t have to go across the border to grab our lovely colorful explosions that we only get to see once or twice a year.

3.) Losing Sports Teams

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No much to be said about this one. No matter how bad they piss us off we are right there to have their back anyway.

4.) Road Construction

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If it’s not snowing then it’s being worked on. Snow and road construction are Buffalo’s on seasons it seems like sometimes.

5.) The agony of a Cold Car

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Not only did we just brush off our snow filled car… but now we have to get in it and wait for it to warm up!!! Cold cars are the worst as far as we are concerned and it is especially worse if you have leather seats that pretty much give you instant frost bite.

6.) Mosquito’s

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These blood suckers can’t get enough of our flesh during the months of we’ll say May to August where we would probably be better off slathered in honey or something sweet for them to enjoy.

7.) Stereotypes

Screen Shot From Google when we typed "Why is Buffalo, NY so...

Unless we are the ones saying them… keep Buffalo out of your mouth! Unless it is to compliment us… we always appreciate a good compliment. What’s the difference between a Stereotype and a Compliment? Well say it and see how we react that should clue you in.