Did you know that my neighborhood has some pretty interesting birds? My friend and well-known Western New York Artist Edreys Wajed, was out early one morning with a pair of binoculars. I initially thought to myself, he is an artist, maybe he's working on another project. I couldn't resist being curious so ask him what was he looking at, then he shared with me something I would never think about during the normal hustle and bustle of everyday life, that we had these unique looking birds right in our own backyard.

The one thing I notice every early spring and in the bright and early morning is the loud chirping of these birds, and I often think as I'm awakened out of my sleep, where is these birds' momma? that's the only reason they could be that loud that early in the morning.

7 Beautiful Birds Found In Buffalo

I never really paid much attention to the birds in my neighborhood until they awoke me out of my sleep one morning. I have recently seen some very interesting-looking birds around my yard and in the area in general. I talked with my friend who is also my neighbor Mr. Edrey Wajed, he actually does some bird watching, so I credit him for some of the information I got for this gallery. I started this gallery and I started to notice, that there are so many different species of birds, and characteristics for each one varies in so many ways. This is just a short gallery of the ones that I have noticed here in Buffalo.

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