50 Cent is ready to die and his label is the reason why ? It seems like 50 Cent is going through some problems, he has beef with the people at his record label. This seems to be the echoing sentiment with everyone in the music business. 50 Cent just inked a deal with Pepsi to distribute his Street King energy drink, this doesn't seem like a person that is suicidal right ? Well he is also in good health so it seems, 50 Cent works out vigorously and doesn't drink or smoke.

So why in the world would 50 Cent think he is going to die ? Maybe there is more to these rants on twitter than meets the eye. Is 50 not agreeing with the agenda of the record label so he is in fear that someone might kill him? There are a lot of conspiracy theories that say Michael Jackson was killed by the record industry because he was going to expose the corporate agenda.

I think the answer is NO to all the above. 50 Cent is a marketing genius and the only thing that is going to die is 50 CENT the rapper, leaving time for him to focus on Curtis Jackson; the business man and movie star. 50 Cent is going to do this last album get off of his record label and focus on other things rather than his music that will be the death of 50 Cent (THE RAPPER).

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