The bully is back! 50 Cent can't just let Ja Rule live and took the word petty to a whole different level smh! He announced this week that he hit up Groupon to purchase 200 tickets to Ja Rule's upcoming show so that it's empty! C'mon maaannn. This tew much 50! Let the man live.

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Cardi B hires a private detective for a VERY good cause. Apparently her decision to keep baby Kulture out of the spotlight isn't going over well with someone. It's being reported that she's been receiving disgusting text messages about Kulture. Hopefully they can nip this in the bud and all goes back to being golden for the rap royalty's first family.



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Nick Cannon made a very brave claim this week. He stated that he could beat Will Smith, Lil Wayne, Drake AND Andre 3000 in a rap battle. The Wildin' Out creator and comedian said, “Like if you watch ‘Wild’n Out, everybody else is preparing and writing bars. Like I’ve been doing his sh*t,” he continued “I would call Lil Wayne one of the greatest, Drake one of the greatest, Andre 3000, but it’s like, you put those cats in a battle form going back and forth and they not gonna be able to do it.” Hmmmm....not too sure about this one but hey, we may be shocked! Who would you bet on?