Everybody likes to laugh and have a good time. With that being said I ran across this clip of a 5 year old "comedian" and he has a clip called growing up black. It seems like black jokes are always a win when it comes to comedy world, and there is a fine line between comedy and buffoonery. My views on comedy changed from reading the book Brainwashed "Challenging The Myth Of Black Inferiority" here is a passage from the book:

Can you visualize any other oppressed group joking about its own oppression? Imagine if Jewish comedians incessantly used the word kike or told concentration camp jokes. Why, there would be a crisis alert among Jews. Public and behind-the-scenes pressure would be mobilized immediately to call out the offensive Jewish comedians' material or swiftly end their careers. Yet with blacks, this type of incendiary material receives cheers and raucous approval. To those in the audience outside the cusp of consciousness, the material is perfectly acceptable. It must be okay to laugh at our woes, they reason, because "Everybody else is laughing."

Tom Burrell. Brainwashed: Challenging the Myth of Black Inferiority (p. 236).
From looking at the clip this looks like a Dad who had dreams of being a comic passing his dream on to his child. I couldn't really understand what the boy was saying (I don't speak 5 year old). With that being said it wasn't really funny to me. It seems to me like his Dad is pushing years of stereotypes on to his young son and probably doesn't even realize what he is doing. Why the hell does a 5 year old have a twitter anyway? This Internet world we live in everybody wants to be in the spotlight. Take a look at the clip for your self and let me know is this just comedy or plain old buffoonery ?