This is such a heart-warming story that goes beyond what is being reported, for me.  Having attended a predominantly Caucasian Private School from the 6th -12th grades, my social experience while in school was equivalent to Michael's, from what I'm seeing.   So the wonderful thing about this touching story that isn't mentioned, but what also makes this story important if the racial make-up of Miucahe; compared to his classmates, and the people who adopted him.

Race plays a major role within this (and I can't say it enough) fabulous blessing of a story.  Race is important to acknowledge here because this is a scenario more African-American and Caucasian (and Hispanic) kids need to experience...the experience of being in a school setting whereas the child is a minority or at least a setting where the racial mix is equal,  I think desegregation and the bussing programs that used to exist were an excellent means of exposing children to cultures other than their own.

Michael will end up being very well rounded socially having had a social education such that it was, and is, diverse.  My experience was just that... I went to private, predominantly Caucasian school every day of my life from the 5th through 11th grades and every day went home to the hood to experience an entirely different lifestyle than that of my peers at school.  The experience was invaluable.  I have to thank my Mom...she made it happen.

Here's the most- heartwarming story you'll have seen in quite some time:

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