Five people were shot at a party in Buffalo. One person died in the incident.

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The Buffalo Police Department is investigating a shooting that happened at Glenwood Avenue and Jefferson Avenue in the early morning hours of Saturday, September 19, 2020. Police were called to the scene around 3 am. According to WIVB, five people were shot at a party. A 23-year-old Cheektowaga woman was pronounced dead at the scene, according to police.

Other victims include a 25-year-old Buffalo man, a 21-year-old Buffalo man, and a 23-year-old Buffalo man. A 37-year-old Buffalo man was treated at the scene, while the other surviving victims were taken to Erie County Medical Center. If you have any information that can help police, call their confidential tip line at 716-847-2255.

This shooting is just one of the recent shootings that has senselessly taken lives here in Buffalo and Western New York. In Rochester, a mass shooting left two people dead and 16 others injured. The victims of that shooting were also at a party, with over 100 people in attendance. These parties are leading to the deaths and injuries of young people in the community. The violence needs to stop and we need to find out where these guns are coming from. Most Valuable Parents of Buffalo launched a billboard campaign to bring awareness to the guns that are getting into the hands of young people in Buffalo. You can be a part of MVP and find out more about the organization here.

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