When March Madness takes over Buffalo there are going to be a lot of basketball fans in the downtown area. This means big money for downtown business, especially the restaurants, during the tournament. While downtown is starting to fill in with more spots to grab a bite, these fans might want to stick close to the arena. Here's a list of some of the restaurants they should check out!

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    (716) Food and Sport

    This is the obvious choice for people to start! It's literally right there! With a giant screen to keep tabs on the game 716 is the ideal spot to grab a bite between games.

  • 2

    Liberty Hound

    Just a quick walk across way from the arena it's the perfect spot to take in Canalside and see the changes from the last time March Madness hit Buffalo. With views of the Naval Park and water this will be great place for people to not only take in the waterfront but also take in some tasty food.

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    Can you say Brick Oven Pizza?!?! The smells alone will draw in fans looking for a place to eat or just to grab a drink. Another quick walk from the arena in the historic Cobblestone District will give tourist a chance to take in industrial history.

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    Pearl Street

    I bet all the floors will be operational during the tournament! The external appeal of the restaurant will surely pull fans on a quick walk from the arena. With their own selection of craft beer and a good variety of food on their menu this will be good for those groups that can't decided on what they want! There will be something for everyone!


  • 5

    Anchor Bar

    Ok, not close to the arena at all! However, when you come to Buffalo you probably want wings! No matter what Buffalo's wing preference is Anchor Bar is the original and to be able to eat wings there is cool! Look for Anchor Bar ti have a wait while tourist make the trek for the original chicken wing.

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