Thanksgiving is coming up soon and the weather can be tricky as you head from house to house to visit friends and family. Here are the records according to the National Weather Service office in Buffalo, NY!

5 Mind Blowing Stats About Thanksgiving Day In Buffalo

Thanksgiving week is almost here and historically speaking, it has been an interesting time of the year for weather at the Buffalo airport and around Western New York.

It is the transition between fall and winter that really fires up the lake effect machine around Western New York. One day the temperature can be in the 60s and the next day you can have four feet of snow on the ground! Not to mention the temperature can drop to sub zero as well and has done that in the past.

It seems that in Buffalo we talk about the Buffalo Bills, the Buffalo Sabres and weather! And the weather never disappoints when it comes to drama much like your favorite sports teams as well.

Perhaps you remember some of these record-breaking moments of Thanksgivings in the past in Buffalo. The coldest Thanksgiving will be one that many runners will never forget as it was a frigid day for the annual Turkey Trot in downtown Buffalo. With temperatures in the single digits, thousands of runners laced their sneakers and got ready to run.

I remember Thanksgivings when we had the family outback playing basketball in shorts and t-shirts. I also remember Thanksgivings when we couldn’t make it to our friend’s and family‘s houses because it was snowing so hard. Either way, it sure is a great time of the year and hopefully the weather won’t keep you from seeing your family. We all could use a little extra family time after the last year and a half to two years of the COVID-19 pandemic.

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