It was nice enough to feel like summer here in Western New York for a brief few days this week. But was it warm enough outside to break a record in Buffalo? 

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Shorts, sandals, tank tops, and sunglasses - our summer wardrobes were back in action earlier this week in Buffalo, New York. We couldn’t get enough of hanging out outside soaking up the warm temperatures and plentiful sunshine.

We sure needed it, too. October has been pretty gray, chilly, and rainy this year, bumming out a lot of Buffalonians. Is it us, or are people much grumpier when it’s dark and gross outside?

But earlier this week, the opposite was true. Everyone seemed to be in a great mood and full of smiles.

Tuesday, October 25th  was the nicest day of the week. The morning started relatively warm in the mid-50s and eventually climbed to a high of 76 degrees at the Buffalo-Niagara International Airport in the afternoon.

It was definitely unseasonably warm in Buffalo, where the average temperature in October is just 59 degrees. But was it warm enough to break a long-standing record?

Did Tuesday’s warm weather break a record?

According to the Buffalo-Niagara International Airport records, Buffalo's warmest October 25th on record was when it hit 79 degrees in 2012. This past Tuesday, we were just shy of breaking the record, topping out at 76 degrees

We’ve still got something to be grateful for - the coldest recorded temperature in Buffalo on October 25th was only 25 degrees, set back in 1879. Brrr! Thankfully, we weren’t even close enough to that.

Also, the 76 degrees we hit yesterday is the warmest day we’ve had so far this fall in Buffalo, with Sunday and Monday close behind at 75 degrees.

Buffalo weather is temperamental, so we’re grateful that we had at least a few days in a row to forget about the snow and sleet that’ll soon be coming our way and pretend like we were back in the summertime.

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