There is nothing like the sound of a sizzling steak or the smell that goes along with it.  If you're looking for an incredible place to take down a steak...we've got a lot in WNY.

Everyone thinks there are so many ways to cook a steak.  I think there are two ways.  You either do it right, or you do it wrong.

What is your favorite?  Are you the kind of person that likes it cooked so long that it's black?  Or are you the kind of person that doesn't want it left on the grill very long at all.  If it's still mooing, it's for you? (I'm pretty good with that...don't overcook it!)

Do you like it with a ton of seasoning on it?  Swimming in the marinade?  Or are you the kind of person that just wants a little salt & pepper, then leave it alone?

Grilled?  Broiled? In a cast-iron pan?

There are soo many ways to do it.  But once you find the place that does it right for you, you want to go back again and again.  So I reached out to my friends on Facebook to ask them which their favorite places were for steak in Western New York.  I'd always prefer to support the local places, so I tried to stay away from the franchises on this list.  The good news is, I got a little something from just about everywhere on the map in WNY.  There are restaurants from down in Delevan to up in Amherst.

There are some fancy places that will cost you a little more and focus more on service.  Then there are cheaper places that simply cook a perfect steak.  Here is a list of 37 places that my friends suggest for the best steaks in Western New York.  Feel free to add to it!

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