The Jersey man who won $338 Million in the lottery earlier this year is being sued by his girlfriend! Is the mother of his child and girlfriend of 10 years entitled to get some money? 


Pedro Quezada was the sole winner of the 4th largest lottery pot in history, worth about $152 million AFTER taxes and child support for his other 4 kids.

At this press conference pictured above, he told reporters he would buy his girl Inez Sanchez "anything she wants"! But apparently, giving her any cash was out of the question since she is not technically his wife! So now that they broke up, she is taking his butt to court for failing to break her off a piece of his fortune.

His lawyer argues that Inez Sanchez has no claim to the money because the couple were never married. But attorneys for Sanchez say Quezada purchased the ticket based on the couple's shared earnings. Sanchez and Quezada lived together for 10 years, have a child together, and co-owned a grocery store in New Jersey.

In this news clip, Mexican Immigrant Inez Sanchez is referred to as Pedro's WIFE and she tells the reporter "They look forward to helping those in need" while HE ran up and down the street yelling "I'm a millionAIRE"!

You can see in the video that his woman who is "Not his wife" was taking care of the kids and their home! So as many of you commented today She WAS shooting with him in the gym! (Rick Ross Voice). Listen to your comments below:

It's a damn shame that this man, who grew up in a poor part of the Dominican Republic, is being so greedy with his new found wealth. This lady lived with him for 10 of the 26 years he was here in the United States and yet he has the nerve to say she doesn't deserve any money because they were not married!!

It's too bad New Jersey doesn't have common law marriage! But as many of our listeners said, there will be some sort of street justice if the court fails to get her any money!


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