The Newport Daily News reports that Louise White, 81, of Newport, RI officially came forward Tuesday, March 6, 2012, at Rhode Island Lottery headquarters in Cranston, RI. Video by Newport Daily News chief photographer Dave Hansen. posted the following explanation regarding how Louise White won one of the biggest lottery jackpot prizes ever!!!

The below written statement from 81-year-old Rhode Island resident Louise White explains how she came to win the $336.4 million Powerball jackpot.

It was Saturday and I wanted to buy a Powerball ticket. I was supposed to be going to the store and I had made a list, but the person taking me was working all day at home and couldn’t get away. So we decided to go in the morning. It was on my mind to buy Powerball tickets, nobody was thinking that I had to go tonight to get them for that evening’s drawing.


Then around 7 a family member wanted some rainbow sherbert to eat later, so they decided to go to the Stop N Shop. I had just finished making a sandwich and was asked if I wanted anything at the store and I said emphatically, “I can’t believe you asked me if I want you to get me something. NO, I don’t want you to get me something I want to go with you!”


And although I was told there was no hurry and I should finish eating, I said we needed to go now!

When we arrived at the Stop N Shop I went to the ticket counter and asked if I had time to buy a Powerball ticket. The gal behind the counter said yes, you have until the store closes.

I asked for 3 quickpicks with the Powerplay.

Later that evening I was at home listening to the news while the family enjoyed the rainbow sherbert. I heard the drawing and roughly wrote down the numbers as they called them out, but I missed some so I waited until they said it again in about 10 minutes and wrote them all down. I didn’t immediately look at my ticket.

I decided later to check my ticket, “I got that one, I got that one, I got that one” and yelled “Is anybody awake – I want you to come look at something.” I handed over the Powerball numbers that I had written down and then my ticket. We checked each number and they were the same. But we weren’t sure I had written them down right so I said “let’s check the computer,” so we ran to the computer and went to and the numbers were the same.

We still didn’t believe it, so we turned off the computer and tuned it back on and went back to the Web site and my numbers were still there.

We hugged each other and jumped up and down screaming!! Then I was told to “Sign it quick!!”

We hid the ticket in the Bible and went for breakfast on Sunday since we couldn’t do anything with it. But we did carry the Bible with us for safe keeping. It was unbelievable. None of us can believe it yet.

We’re excited, very blessed and will determine in the coming months how we’ll spend the money, but we know we’ll always have rainbow sherbert.


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