Not everyone had a super lit weekend in Atlanta for the Super Bowl, unfortunately rapper 21 Savage was one of those who did not.He was arrested and detained by ICE who states that 21 is in the US illegally. According to ICE the rapper entered the US from the UK legally as a minor in 2005 but never left under the terms if his noin-immigrant visa. In addition, while in the US he caught a felony charge in 2014 which further complicates things for 21. Social media showed the rapper no mercy after discovering his British roots with memes poking fun at him. According to his now updated Wikipedia page, he has been in the US since the age of 7 with his mom, went back to the UK at the age of 12, stayed for a month and returned to the US on a H-4 visa which is said to have expired a year later in June 2006. 21's legal team states that their working hard to get him released and not deported and a lot of big names in the industry have come to his defense including Jay Z and Offset. Wishing the best to 21 Savage and hope he's released sooner than later!

Kevin Winter / Kevin Winter / Romain Maurice, Getty Images (3)
Kevin Winter / Kevin Winter / Romain Maurice, Getty Images (3)

Speaking of Offset, he's not around for the memes and poking fun at 21 Savage's legal dilemma! This week he engaged in a war of words on Instagram with Chris Brown after Brown posted a meme with Savage rapping with a British Rappers voice. It escalated to the point of Breezy involving Cardi B! Check out all the drama here 

Another popular designer is under fire for releasing clothing deemed as being racially offensive. Gucci, a brand well-known and advertised in the Hip Hop community caused quite a stir on social media this week when they released their $890  balaclava black-knit women's sweater which has an extended turtle neck that can be pulled over half your face with red lips and a hole where the mouth is. The sweater when worn is eerily similar to the images of black face. An outraged response caused the brand to pull the sweater but big names like Spike Lee and T.I.have spoken out and vow to not support the brand until further notice. If you are offended by this sweater, will you burn your Gucci items?


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